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Keith Yrisarri Stateson, alias Sing Fighter, creates children’s music, pop, rap, comedy, praise & worship, oldies-style, and EDM. Turning his weaknesses into strengths to achieve his artistic purpose, his music reflects his challenges and accomplishments. His collection of storytelling songs is his autobiography.


There was a time, however when diffidence, anxiety, and fear directed much of his life. Keith once told someone: The world would be better off without music! Many years passed by until it was time for that little seed to grow. Without any music background nor interest in becoming an artist, the seed, nevertheless, had sprouted. Initially composing lyrics with no choruses, versus, or bridges, his work evolved through laborious training. Each new style and genre explored required a new skillset.


More importantly however, was the process by which he became an artist. Dedicating himself to virtues resulted in exceptional character. With trust established came an unending supply of music. With small beginnings, his steadfastness in times of testing enabled him to mature and bear good fruit - music that is pleasing.


Through his adventure, Keith emerged as a fighter with music of a new caliber, hence the name Sing Fighter. Tried-and-tested, expect nothing other than the most energy driven music with non-stop pump-up action, adrenaline ready to engage, endurance to remain standing, and energy loaded with knockdown power.


The question is how much can you handle?

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Children's Music
Abstract Waves
Video Game Music
Shadow on Concrete Wall
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Keith is also an author, pen name Enduring Writer, of children's literature and other literary works of art.